Frequently Asked Questions

Are You A  Licensed And Ordained Minister?
Yes, I am licensed and ordained and able to perform any type of legally accepted ceremony. I also have many years of pastoral experience and over 25 years of experience performing weddings. 

What Is Your Process for Booking?
Begin by emailing or calling me to see if I am available (or one of my associates) on your wedding day. The next step is to setup a wedding inquiry meeting, usually done face to face, through FaceTime, or Skype - there is no charge for this meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to see if I am a good fit for you and your fiancé. Then you can book me (or one of my associates) by paying the $100 booking fee (this fee is non-refundable) to reserve your wedding date.  This can be paid via PayPal.  After payment, you will receive a contract and the resources to help us craft your personal and unforgettable wedding day experience.  After receiving the signed contract, we will schedule our next meeting together.  Click here to contact me now.

How Much Do Your Wedding Services Cost?
I offer 3 options to choose from, depending on the needs of you and your fiancé.  The 3 packages include:  Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond.  I am not the lowest priced officiant out there, nor am I the highest, but rather I am somewhere in the middle.  I believe that booking a wedding officiant is an investment into your relationship.  Click here to view the 3 packages available.

How Do We Obtain a Marriage License?
Marriage license procedures vary from state to state. You will need to contact your local County Clerk's Office to find out the procedures, costs, etc. for your county and state.  

Do You Have a Video of You Performing a Wedding?
Yes, you can view our testimonials and videos at THIS LINK.

Do You Offer Premarital Counseling?
Yes. Although I don't make it mandatory to marry a couple, I do highly recommend it. It will help prepare you for the ups and downs of marriage. I personally think it provides for a better wedding ceremony as I get to know each couple that I counsel, which helps me personalize the ceremony even more.  

Why Did You Start Weddings By Pastor D?
I started Weddings By Pastor D to provide exceptional wedding services for couples who are spiritual, but not religious - couples who don't attend church on a regular basis or who don't know a minister personally. Many churches are not wedding friendly towards couples who don’t attend their church. Weddings By Pastor D exists to serve couples who want the most beautiful and fun wedding experience performed by a friendly, fun, and professional officiant.  

Do You Perform Same-Sex Unions?
The recent Supreme Court ruling has made same-sex unions legal in all 50 states in the United States of America.

While I am aware of the legal recognition of same-sex unions, my beliefs in God and His design for marriage do not support a same-sex lifestyle and therefore will not allow me to perform such weddings.  Please know that I love all people, including those who have chosen a same-sex lifestyle  just as God loves them.  I certainly do not judge anyone for their life choices, but am not able to perform these types of unions based on my personal beliefs and convictions.