Make it fun and crazy!

Make it fun and crazy - venue ideas!

Are you looking to make your wedding day fun, exciting, crazy, and different?  Couples are always using the traditional places for weddings like a church, hotel, conference center, etc.   But what about trying something that reflects more of YOU and your interests?  Today more than ever, couples are choosing wild and crazy wedding venues like a carousel, roller coaster, haunted house, deer stand, on a boat, hot air balloon, cave, mountain top, cabin porch, theme park, or at the home plate of a major league baseball stadium.  It's YOUR big day!  So, think of ways to make it fun, wild, crazy, and definitely different.  It's sure to be a day that will be personal "all about YOU" and unforgettable.

Wherever you choose to do your big day ceremony, make sure it reflects you and your interests, likes, etc.  After all, it is YOUR big day.

DeWayne Howard

I am a passionate follower of Jesus, church planter/pastor, wedding pastor, and church consultant.